Write to get it right: How content creators can turn creativity into a career

Content has become significant in our digital world today. For some, it forms an outlet to network with individuals of similar interests; for others, it could mean using their creativity to launch their career. Thanks to the Internet, youngsters are creating their own content in many ways. Here is how you can kickstart a career out of content creation.

For an early start

Know your content: Choose a core platform and identity. What to talk about? Whom to reach? What type of content to be shared? The answers to these questions act as the guiding principles in determining the type of content one can create, as well as the primary platform for sharing.

Deliver core message: Embrace the ability to gather, chop, blend, and re-blend to create new expressive material and deliver the core message. This must be something the creator is passionate about or believes in.

Identify monetisation options: The selected medium or platform has a direct influence on the monetisation options available but there are several ways to generate revenue. Subscriptions is one approach to produce a regular income from those who sign up. This also builds a predictable revenue stream that increases as the audience grows. Another option is advertising through sponsored posts, affiliate links, and pre-roll video ads. If the audience numbers are large, brands will pay for opportunities to associate.

Find the target audience: Targeting a specific market allows the message to be focused towards those who are most likely to buy the content. With a clear understanding of the audience, one can spend less and earn more by reaching the most valuable network leads.

Curate content: Finding inspiration in related content and competitor strategies can be challenging. The best way to tackle this is to analyse consumer preferences and the way they snack on your content. While curating someone else’s content, it is important to give exposure and look for interesting ideas to convey the information in a favourable light.

While there are multiple tools available for content creation, one who makes it his/her career has to find the right audiences, drive meaningful conversations with them, and compel them to take action. This doesn’t happen overnight but requires time, patience and persistence.

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